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RF-Curer ™
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Percutaneous DiscDecompression Device






The RF-Curer is used for spinal disc pain treatment

The RFCurer ™ uses radiofrequency heat to lysis the herniated disc.​


A sterilized cable is provided and modificable to fit

various types of generator jack for physician's convenience.​


The power cable is provided for connection.


The moveable navigation electrode

approach to the herniated nucleous pulposus

precisely and accurately.

​ ​


The radiofrequency generator is used for power.





- Herniated lumbar spine disc , cervical disc and spinal stenosis
- Chronic backache, chronic cervical spine pain
- Herniated disc degeneration
- Failure syndrome after surgery
- High-pressure, diabetes, patient
  Herniated Disc Degeneration





- The minimal incision and excision so less scar on patient’s body structure
- Local anesthesia and the procedure time is 1 hour
- Minimal incision causes less infective and less defect on skin tissues.
- Treat herniated disc through visible endoscope raises precision
- able to treat unawared diseases that could missed on MRI







RF-Curer​ The treatment process 


1. While patient in prone position, make small incision on side orbackside of spine​. 

2. Approach the endoscope into herniated disc area.

3. Connect RF-Curer with radiofrequency generator and decompress spine nerves.

4. Monitoring by visible endoscopic device, remove herniated disc that compresses spine nerves.​



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