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OK Medinet Korea Co.,Ltd

Do our Best for Customer satisfaction.


OK Medinet Korea Co.,Ltd.

guarantees Superior Quality, Customer satisfaction, and Best service.

OK Medinet Korea Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures medical devices for orthopedics and neurosurgery. We have many patients with professors of university hospitals and famous doctor teachers through research, We are working to supply.

In particular, we manufacture various medical devices for spinal disc treatment and craniectomy. We are putting continuous efforts on producing and supplying optimal medical equipment for patient treatment by concentrating on research and development.

In addition, we have been strengthened to expand our own brand and expand into a wider market. We have acquired international standard certification and we are expanding our activities to world market by producing world-class medical devices.

OK Medinet Korea Co., Ltd. is committed to research and develop the medical devices 
under the values of superior quality, honesty, credit and service.
We will always strive to improve the national interest and health of the people.​

Thank you.