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Feed Flavors Asia Co., Ltd.

- 15Kg Carton Box.
- Add 1% of Emulsifier of added fat to the feed
  • Improvement in the FCR
  • Improvement weight gain
  • Increase of the production and egg size of the layers
  • Help in the digestion of all types of fats and nutrients
  • Help to adapt various fat / oil sources in animal diet
  • Support available phopholipids biologically(Young animal and aquatic species)
  • Efficiency improvement in high-energy, high-fat diet(Especially, poultry, aquatic species and piglet diets)
  • An efficient emulsification of added fats in small intestine
  • Enhancement of utilization of amino acid ‘Lysine’
  • Improvement digestibility of various water soluble nutrients.
  • Prevent wastage of fat/oil against indigestion
  • Maintain & stimulates the functioning capacity of liver, pancreas, bile ducts and small intestine through optimizing digestion
  • Economy of the feed cost